Alina asked me what motivated me all those years. At the back of my mind, I am afraid of failure. I did not want to be thought of as failing in my assignment. I always wanted to over deliver. I did not wait for others to tell me if I had done a good job or not, I just assessed it myself. How do you do it, work hard and use your brain. Working hard without using your brain, you won’t go far.

You must take pleasure in the task you’re doing, and be proud of the results of your work. We want to nurture, for example when planting something, not just to do it in a half hearted way. I enjoyed every second of my work, and Felda grew from strength to strength. I suppose, from young I moved on my own without instructions. When I sat there, I knew how to proceed after turning the problem over in my mind. I was very lucky because I was free to devote myself to thinking and strategizing as my wife took care of the household issues and the children. She managed everything without troubling me with problems. She would not tell me anything until after she had resolved the problem herself. We did not have much money, but apart from housing loan, we had no debts and therefore were not financially burdened. Never underestimate the value of a good partner in your personal life in order to be successful in your work life.