For me, joint ventures with outside parties are necessary if you move into areas/industries that you are not familiar with. The difficulty is in getting partners who genuinely desire to see the success of the project that is mutually beneficial to the partners. But there are also threats to the organization that we have to be on guard against, such as what happened to the Kuala Lumpur Commodity Exchange. A group of people tried to destroy it. We needed all the resources and government support to ensure the survival of the Exchange. We have always to be wary of people who have sinister motives and are not trustworthy.

We have always to be aware that in any organization or body, interplay of politics exists. However, we have to be apolitical. What is crucial is the continuing existence and functioning of the organization. Be fair to all and refrain from being a ‘Terminator’ to any living soul literally speaking. When dealing with outsiders (ie attention from outside the organization) you have to remain calm and always put on a bold front and keep your problems to within.

Most of all, preserve a sense of duty, of service, maintain humility and always remember that as a leader you are in the role of steward, trustee and fiduciary for all the stakeholders interested in the venture or organization. I obtain self-fulfilment based on being useful to society and community. These four ideas were the beacons in the fulfilment of my life’s journey and mission to serve. My greatest fear was of failure to deliver or under-deliver. My love for the organization and the people it represented gave me the courage, belief and conviction to protect it from any threat.

Finally, and most importantly 100% of fundings and loans went 100% to the projects. All budgets were transparent. There were no leakages, or hidden commissions. Honesty is the most important thing, but people don’t seem to want to say it.